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VBKOM delivers a Mine Planning Short Course in collaboration with UP

VBKOM delivers a Mine Planning Short Course in collaboration with UP

The University of Pretoria’s Department of Mining Engineering, in conjunction with VBKOM, developed a short learning programme, titled:  Open Pit Mine Planning and Design.  On 4 November 2019, George Olivier, Director of VBKOM, kicked off the short course.


South African Mine Planning Course

The course comprised five days, and covered all aspects of Mine Planning, from the importance of geological models and Mineral Resource estimation and block models to the generation of Mineral Reserve Statements.  Topics including the Mining value chain, Planning cycle, Geology, Open pit optimisation, Pit design, Equipment selection and optimisation, Production schedules and Mining Cost were all topics discussed during the course. 

Emphasis was placed on a holistic approach to Open pit and Open cast mining, and to consider the social-, environmental- and economic impacts mining has on communities and Africa as a whole; whilst ensuring that mining operations are aligned to the strategic and tactical business objectives.


On the fourth day of the course, a site visit to one of the largest coal mines in the Limpopo Province took place.  The delegates had a chance to discuss how the mine planning theoretical topics are applied practically at a massive and successful mining operation and were treated to experiencing a blast in action.

The VBKOM course presenters included:

  • George Olivier:  BEng (Mining), PrEng, MMCC, MBA
  • Wilhelm Warschkuhl:  BEng (Mining), BSc (Hons)
  • Werner Heenop:  BEng (Mining), MMCC
  • Paul Obermeyer:  BSc Hons (Geology)

Associate course presenters were:

  • Wolter de Graaf:  BEng (Mining) PrEng, MMCC
  • Dave van Rensburg:  MEng (Mining Geology)
  • Henk Fourie:  BEng (Mining), PrEng, MMC



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