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A New Era of VBKOM has begun

A New Era of VBKOM has begun

To cultivate greatness in others, we needed to take a step back, and have a good look at how we can improve ourselves to ensure sustainable growth of VBKOM.

In 2018, a growth strategy was decided on.  The possibility of growing “10 times in 10 years” was identified, and it was time to seize the opportunity to be bolder and better in crafting the success of tomorrow. 

A senior team of VBKOM’s consultants were tasked in 2019 to investigate the current organisational structure, and it was found that the current structure limited this type of growth projection.  Studies to find alternative organisational structures that are robust enough to foster growth kicked-off.

The internal project was aptly named “Go4Growth”.

Nothing we do is just another project, so the journey began with engagements with the broader team.  These engagements included workshops to firstly review the current structure and gain insight and a better understanding of the collective company requirements.  An in-depth look was given into what has been working, and what needed to be fixed.

After a series of workshops, the Go4Growth team realised that an organisational redesign was required.  To ensure success, specialists in organisational designs were engaged to support this initiative.

Once the process was completed, a new organisational structure was presented to the team through an interactive Lego workshop in February 2020.  On 01 March 2020, the new organisational structure was implemented that ensures cultivating greatness.


A new era of VBKOM has begun, and we are excited to continue to develop ourselves to make our client’s successes a reality.

Watch our digital media channels and website to see this exciting new reality of VBKOM.



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