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Focusing on long-term successes

Focusing on long-term successes

In our previous article, we spoke about how transformation begins with leadership - it then trickles down to the rest of the employees. 

In this article, we will explore VBKOM’s Business Development Unit.

Often, Business Development is misinterpreted as “sales”, however, in the context of VBKOM, Business Development drives the strategic business growth opportunities both internally and externally.

Business Development

Under the guidance of George Olivier, this business unit actively pursues strategic opportunities, improving VBKOM’s market position and realised financial growth. 

George has a natural talent for identifying opportunities which help realise clients’ long- and short-term successes. He leads a commercial demand team that works closely with the technical delivery team to provide tailored solutions for each our clients.

George asked the question: “Who within VBKOM carries the client’s interest?” His answer: “Everybody should, but I will ensure this.”

Client expectation management

Jani van Rensburg and Tiaan Ackermann are at the forefront of this business unit to drive the strategic business growth strategies. Jani has an extreme passion for seeing the VBKOM clients succeed.  Jani has a talent for turning thoughts into action, and she can quickly identify alternative ways to proceed to ensure the upliftment of the VBKOM clients and her co-workers.  She will harness her project management knowledge and skills to identify the possibilities and craft customised solutions which ensures our clients’ successes become a reality.

Tiaan enjoys making connections with clients and finding solutions to their challenges. As an Industrial Engineer, he will draw on his systematic and systems thinking skills which he uses to envision the potential growth opportunities not only for the VBKOM clients, but also for VBKOM.

VBKOM – Focusing on long-term successes

The Business Development team works closely with the Technical Delivery team (see next week’s article for more on this) to create long-term value through the delivery of tailored solutions to our clients, stakeholders, and strategic partners.

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