Our People

We’re passionate about possibility. This is why our commitment is to face your problems with you, and unearth the opportunities that lie within those challenges. Our team of highly qualified professionals excels at turning problems into practical solutions that make a real difference to our clients.

Feel free to make contact with any of our specialist consultants.


Our leadership team maintains this focus and drives our commitment to delivering results for our clients, while bringing purpose and values to the forefront of your daily activities.

The leadership team’s years of experience and rich and diverse industry knowledge ensures an unprecedented level of commitment and value to you.

Mining Consultants

Our mining consultant team understands the critical aspects of the minerals industry. Including mining engineers, engineering consultants and mining contractors, our team has worked closely with a number of mining companies in South Africa and beyond.

Our extensive knowledge and experience, focusing on the provision of geological and mining engineering services, have added and preserved significant value to our clients and their projects.

Decision Support Consultants

Our decision support team focuses on improving and integrating people, processes, technology and infrastructure on projects and operations. This includes management consulting as well as support with mine operations management.

Project Management and -Support Consultants

The purpose of our project support consultants is to actively support all the phases of the project – from planning, through monitoring and control to closing. They ensure team integration, the use of well-established methodologies, and a disciplined, pro-active approach to monitoring controls and quality deliverables. Our project management consultants are skilled in mine operations management.

Corporate Services

Support and administration services are the day-to-day activities that can often trip you up. We’re here to help you streamline your business to maximum efficiency.

Our project support services include financial, legal, HR, IT, marketing and office building maintenance support.

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