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Gravenhage DFS (Aquila Resources)

Gravenhage DFS (Aquila Resources)

Northern Cape province, South Africa

January 2011 - September 2011

The Gravenhage Project was a Greenfield's project (i.e. there was no existing operation; it was a piece of undeveloped land). We were part of the owner’s team, consisting of specialists including among other Environmental, Geology, Processing, Engineering etc. and had to deliver the risk- and project support portion of the project. The Project Support portion of the work included schedule development & management, meeting administration, integration with the owner’s team to expedite actions forthcoming from project meetings and risk sessions. A nine month timeline was given to deliver the project as a whole, which is very stringent for a Definitive Feasibility Study.

Eduan Pieterse (Risk Management) and Jani van Rensburg (Project Support: scheduling, administration, coordination) were the consultants that were involved in this project. 


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Eduan Pieterse


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