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Optimising performance to enhance return on investment

In our preceding article, we began looking into our Technical Delivery Business Unit.  In this article, we introduce our Mining Engineering team.

VBKOM Mining Engineering Team

In close partnership, Wilhelm Warschkuhl and Werner Heenop lead a team of specialist mining engineers who help our clients make the most of their mining investments.  We offer complete multi-disciplinary economic studies for blue-chip mining houses, junior miners, and financial institutions across the full range of mineral commodities.

Mining Value Chain

VBKOM can assist mining companies in South Africa as well as Northern Africa with all aspects of the mining value chain. This includes operational support (short-, medium- and long term planning), concept studies, Pre-Feasibility Studies, Feasibility Studies, Due diligence, Mining Rights Applications and Competent Person Reports. Within the above-mentioned deliverables, our mining team is responsible for pit optimisation, mine design and production scheduling, equipment studies, cost modelling and financial evaluations.

Wilhelm’s team consists of:

  • Ruben Els, Senior Mining Engineering Consultant
  • Moshopjadi Phakoago, Junior Mining Engineering Consultant
  • Henko Maritz, Junior Mining Engineering Consultant
  • Edgar Mashilwane, Mining Engineering Intern

Werner’s team is represented by:

  • Tidimalo Dolamo, Senior Mining Engineering Consultant
  • Francois Nell, Junior Mining Engineering Consultant
  • Nokwanda Zikhali, Junior Mining Engineering Consultant

VBKOM Mining Engineering Consultants

Experience has taught us that a comprehensive approach is needed to assist clients in developing new ventures and enhancing the success of existing operations. Our expert teams are well versed in all phases of project development; from initial project planning to product delivery, as graphically shown in the figure below.


By unearthing opportunities, our solutions have the power to improve lives.  Our professionals create optimal solutions for each of our clients, making sure that their challenges are met with advanced problem solving and implementation approaches while living the VBKOM values and continually improving quality standards. 

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