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Internal Launch - 3 July 2015

It was the 7 years ago when it all began. From just a few tables in one office has now changed to more than just an office space but rather a place which we call a home away from home.

In 2008 VBKom consulting engineer was born, because of five great minds who thought they could take over the world and indeed they did. On the 3rd of July VBKOM celebrated their 8th year birthday but as a new VBKOM and not the different companies.

The internal launch was amazing, from the balloons on the staircase to the VBKOM cake. Everything was well put and it was a great day for all VBKOM staff members to come together as one.

The launch started at 12 noon as we had lunch first. We were then put in groups and we had to look for certain clues in order to get the next clue. The aim of this game what to get a card written “you are the winner” and naturally to bring employees together. This was a great way of staff members bonding and working as a team. The white team were the winners as they got all their clues before everyone else.

The theme of the launch was red, black and silver. It was lovely as we also had welcome drinks. Thanks to the marketing team and the social committee… they really put in a lot of effort.  It was a joyful day filled with laugher and happiness.

Maine the CEO of the company shared the history of VBKOM with all of us that day and Eduan Pieterse one of the directors shared with us the vision for VBKOM’s future from this day going forward. We all painted our hands red to show our loyalty and commitment to VBKOM and placed our hands on the canvas with the logo. This was very symbolic for all of us as we shared the unity. We then had cake and watched a video that was compiled by the marketing team to show us what people thought of certain things and what they liked or disliked.




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