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POPUP honours VBKom

POPUP honours VBKom

One of our shareholders, Frans van Daalen, introduced us to this organisation. We have opted to support POPUP as we share the same values of making a difference in Africa and specifically in the lives of the people we interact with!

We have donated a percentage of our profits to POPUP as a financial contribution to the work they do. POPUP provides training and development to previously disadvantaged individuals and assist them in starting their own businesses.

We have also supported them in buying sewing machines, enabling POPUP to develop skills in making clothes and other items.

We receive regular feedback on this social investment, which makes it easy for VBKOM to part with some of our profits for this very good cause. It’s great to know that the money is being used wisely and making a significant impact.

We have recently been honoured by POPUP with a piece of art that truly touched our hearts. The “Restore” painting was painted by Anton Gericke, and presented to VBKom earlier this year as a token of their appreciation. The painting symbolises the two opposite worlds that people could experience in life.

The left hand side of the painting is dark, showing an old building and a man who has his hands on his head in misery. It is clear to see that life has been a struggle for him. The right hand side of the painting is bright and colourful, the complete opposite of the left hand side.

We see a town full of laughter and people that are happy. There are joyful faces, restaurants, trees and flowers representing transformation, growth and restoration of an individual’s spirit and body.

When people leave POPUP they feel uplifted, revived and restored. They have a new outlook on life and an ambition for success.

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Source: Manie Kriel (VBKOM CEO) and Anton Gericke (Artist)



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