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Natural Energy Resource Consultants South Africa

Energy is the life source of human existence. It enables the production of food, fuel transport and power communication channels across the world.

Energy is the key enabler to progress and development. Without it infrastructure development and GDP growth will be constrained.

Africa is electricity-starved, but is blessed with an abundance of natural energy resources.

As an African specialist consultant, for Africa, it is VBKOM’s vision to become a leading consulting voice in the energy sector, with specific focus and expertise in coal and uranium.

The unique combination of our mining engineering expertise and simulation capability augmented by our operations and modelling skills, make VBKOM a specialist consulting partner in the energy sector.

As a testimony to our capabilities, VBKOM has been blessed with a multitude of consulting and design opportunities in the sector over the past seven years. Our clients include:

  • BHP Energy Coal South Africa (now South32 Energy Coal)
  • Coal of Africa
  • DMC
  • Bannerman 

With an appropriate skills set and a proven track record, VBKOM believes that its energy centre of excellence equips it to play a major part in empowering companies and governments to unlock the latent potential of Africa through the responsible and sustainable development of energy projects.

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Eduan Pieterse

Eduan Pieterse

Executive - New Ventures


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