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Mining Engineering Services South Africa

Mining Engineering Consultants SA

Mining Engineering

We offer a wide variety of services to the mining industry, ranging from specific equipment to overall mining system requirements, and from feasibility studies to mine closure plans. Our mining experts integrate solid mining engineering fundamentals into every aspect of your project.


Industrial Engineering Consultants

Industrial Engineering

The VBKOM Industrial and Systems Engineering section is driven by its goal to optimize complex processes or systems. It is focused to improve and integrate people, processes, technology and infrastructure on capital intensive projects as well as operations.


Geological Consulting Services South Africa


Geological consulting services drive to reduce risk and uncertainty in mineral projects from exploration to day-to-day operational requirements. This is achieved through continuous alignment of projects with reporting code guidelines and applying industry best practices.


Risk Management Services South Africa

Risk Management

Risk management is an iterative and forward looking process that identifies, assesses, and prioritizes risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events, or to maximize the realization of opportunities.


Simulation and Decision Support

Simulation and Decision Support

Mining and large capital intensive projects and their operations are continually faced with risky and complex decisions every day.  These decisions touch on matters relating to investment options, risk management, asset optimization, process integration, through to working capital efficiency and inventory management.


Financial Modelling South Africa

Financial Modelling

Financial modelling refers to the process of considering the economic worth of an endeavour. An understanding of the best outcome for the business or organisation is achieved by considering different options or alternatives.


Project Support Services South Africa

Project Management and Support

Project support is the mainstay of any project and actively supports all the phases of the project from planning through monitoring and control to closing. Our range of project support services will ensure that your project is scoped and planned correctly, that your project is delivered on time, within budget, according to the scope and as per the quality criteria stipulated.



Surveyors in the mining industry fulfill and essential function since they provide indispensable information to all the other mining disciplines. 

VBKOM’s seasoned, highly trained survey team has built a reputation for survey precision and dependability.


VBKOM Metallurgy Engineering Services


VBKOM's metallurgy consulting services focus on optimising the extraction of minerals, identifying niche markets and supplying independent, fit for purpose solutions to maximise value for the client.


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