VBKOM Project Support Consultants

Jani van Rensburg

Discipline Head

Project Support Services


Jani van Rensburg - Project Support

Lynsey Houston

Senior Project Management & Support


Lynsey Houston - Project Support Consultant

Netterine Venter

Project Support Consultant


Netterine Venter Project Support Consultant South Africa

Suzaan van der Zee

Junior Decision & Project Support Consultant


Suzaan van der Zee - VBKOM Industrial Engineering - Junior Decision & Project Support Consultant

Tiffany Verwey

Junior Decision & Project Support Consultant


Tiffany Verwey - Project Support Consultant

Jani van Rensburg

Discipline Head: Project Support Services

Jani van Rensburg - Project Support Services South Africajani@vbkom.co.za

I joined VBKom in January 2011 and it was my first introduction to the mining industry and to consulting. Having previously hailed from a medical environment it was, needless to say…a bit of a rollercoaster ride! The opportunity to learn, grow and develop was however the reason for the major change in career and it has been an incredible experience thus far; rich with learning (almost!) everything about mining, projects, project support and most importantly - people.

In my 5 years at VBKom, I have worked on 11 projects which collectively spanned all the project study phases from concept, pre-feasibility and feasibility, and included Stay-in-Business projects as part of the operations at mining sites as well as general operational support. I’ve had exposure to the manganese, copper, cobalt and iron ore commodities, of which iron ore has been the most predominant. I have also obtained two international accreditation in project management; PRINCE 2 Practitioner and CAPM, and I am the scheduling specialist in the Project Support team. Providing project support to projects in the mining industry and especially from a consulting point of view has taught me that excellence, innovation and a can-do attitude makes all the difference in service to our clients.

I am passionate about being excellent in what I do and in turning problems into practical and appropriate solutions. Challenges and action excite me, and being in an industry where every site, project, department and team is different, challenges are not in short supply and neither is the need for action to address those challenges! I firmly believe that making a difference, adding value and improving people’s lives – client, colleague or friend - brings the biggest satisfaction in our professional and personal lives.

My interests outside the working environment include extensive gardening, of which orchids are my favourite. I have about 200 plants in my greenhouse! I also love being outdoors, reading, and mountain biking, but my biggest love is for my family. I love spending time with them and seeing them happy.

Netterine Venter

Junior Project Manager

Netterine Venter Junior Project Manager South Africanetterine@vbkom.co.za

After having spent the first few years of my career in product design, I deliberately moved over into the more structured and organised environment of project management. Starting off my career change saw me involved in project administration and support of asset management and software implementation projects at PWC, where our clients were predominantly governmental entities.

Growing up in a predominantly engineering and construction oriented family during a time when the speculative building projects were frequently the topic of conversation, it’s an area in which I find familiarity and joy. I take pleasure in the visibility and measurability of building projects, combined with the structure and processes of capital intensive projects which dominates the mining sphere.

I find working with a large team of professionals incredibly stimulating as there is so much variety and something new to learn from each and every person. I take joy in working with a plan to deliver quality work consistently, resulting in credibility that my clients can trust. I conform to the “raise-your-hand” philosophy when it comes to servicing clients; always being willing to do even the grunt work enthusiastically, and thereby establishing healthy work relationships and bringing a positive atmosphere into my work environment.

At home I’m a passionate equestrian, focusing on dressage with my recently acquired young mare. I enjoy a good pinotage, preferably served with great food and shared with friends and family. I have it on my bucket list to see major migration in Serengeti or the wild horses of the Namib Desert on horseback, and my arm can easily be twisted with Haagen Dazs ice cream or Lindt chocolate.

Suzaan van der Zee

Junior Decision & Project Support Consultant

Suzaan van der Zee - VBKOM Industrial Engineering - Junior Decision & Project Support Consultant suzaan@vbkom.co.za

In 2016, I graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pretoria.

Reigning from a small town in Limpopo (Tzaneen), adapting to the lifestyle in Pretoria was one of the biggest mountains I’ve ever had to overcome, but now I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world!

I look forward to the new chapter in my life with VBKOM – I know it will be an unbeatable and invaluable learning experience.

Besides work, I occupy my time by enjoying cocktails or wine with my friends, spending time in the outdoors with my boyfriend, and driving my sister crazy.

I also enjoy reading fiction, and will never watch a movie based on a book, before reading the book!