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Wanted: Project Management Principal

More information regarding this position is enclosed in the downloadable document below.

Project Management Principal Project Management Principal Vacancy


About Us

VBKOM Track Record 2020

VBKOM is not your typical engineering consultancy. In fact we don’t like to think of ourselves as traditional consultants at all. Rather, we see ourselves as our clients’ strategic partners – dedicated to helping you achieve success while empowering your business to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

This meaningful, long-term relationship begins, first and foremost, with understanding your unique needs and then providing high-quality, custom-fit solutions. As such, we provide a wide range of specialist services, centred on your business goals and dreams. This includes mining, risk management, geoscience and industrial engineering consulting, as well as project management and financial modelling.

In essence, our service focus is multidisciplinary engineering and project management consulting to Africa’s mining and capital-intensive industries. However, those are the tools for achieving the outcomes that we will pursue together.

The journey towards those goals is where your organisation will find meaning and purpose with us as our leadership and expertise guides you towards the best strategic business decisions.

We have been teaming up with our clients and driving their success for more than a decade – just imagine what embarking on a journey with us could lead to.

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