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Wanted: Project Management Principal

More information regarding this position is enclosed in the downloadable document below.

Project Management Principal Project Management Principal Vacancy



“Unearthing Opportunities”

Why Apply?

We work on cool projects with cool people” Strauss Oosthuizen, Technical Delivery Executive.

At VBKOM, we value people. We strive to create a positive working environment that enables employees to work together as a team. We encourage open sharing of ideas and every individual’s contribution is valued and respected.

Each person is celebrated for his or her unique strengths, skills, and competencies, because herein lies our recipe for success.

Employees are also afforded regular opportunities to grow their knowledge and experience through new challenges and projects, as well as formal training as needed.

We encourage our people to develop themselves by constantly learning and growing out of their comfort zone. We are always on the lookout for people who are self-driven and geared towards serving the client with great passion and integrity.

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Strength is the product of struggle; you must do what others don’t, to achieve what others won’t” Henry Rollins.

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