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Creating value by delivering customized solutions

Previously, we discussed how in order to make a difference in our client’s lives, we, as a company, needed to do some introspection regarding how we operate.

With the growing demand for services in Metallurgy, Civil Engineering and training, our New Ventures Business Unit will be key in developing these services as part of the standard offering VBKOM delivers to the mining and capital-intensive industries.

Mining Engineers South Africa

Eduan Pieterse has a sharp eye for innovation and new ideas. He has a background in Agricultural Engineering, with a keen interest in Qualitative and Quantitative risk.  He has great vision and an absolute determination to maximise success not only in his clients, but also in himself and his team.

Leading the New Ventures business unit, Eduan is responsible for identifying new service offering opportunities that VBKOM should strategically cultivate to stay market relevant and grow our industry footprint.

The team that is at the forefront of developing these services include:

  • Mientjie van der Vyver, Principal Metallurgical Engineer
  • Gideon van Zyl, Northern Cape Manager, Civil Engineering
  • José de Franca, Manager of ProjectPro, offering training solutions predominantly within the Project Management sector
  • Antoinette Monama, Administrative Officer for ProjectPro

The key objective for Eduan and his team is to establish new services that provide specific and customised solutions to our clients that we have not offered previously.

The goal of each team member is to establish their discipline sufficiently to graduate to the Technical Delivery Team, led by Strauss Oosthuizen.

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