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Industrial Engineering

The VBKOM Industrial and Systems Engineering division is driven by its goal to optimise complex processes and systems. Our service offering includes:

  • Decision Support Services
  • Value Engineering
  • Continuous Improvement

It focusses on improving and integrating people, processes, technology and infrastructure on capital intensive projects as well as operations.

This is done within our industrial engineering service offering framework that is depicted in the following illustration:

Industrial Engineering Framework 

Industrial Engineering Consulting

Industrial Engineering - Consulting Services

Decision Support Services

Within projects there are options that should be compared and selected against specific criteria. Making the right decisions without being able to envision the complete eco-system wherein the project will operate can prove challenging.

Some clients make use of pilot plants to test options and help make informed decisions which may be fairly expensive. VBKOM assists clients to make these difficult decisions with the use a set of decision support tools.

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