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Guest Lecturing for the Department of Mining Engineering, University of Pretoria

VBKOM was invited by the University of Pretoria’s Johann Esterhuyse to take part in a range of guest lectures for the 2023 final-year undergraduate Mining Engineering students. As part of the underground mining module, VBKOM’s Paul Obermeyer (Principal Geologist) and Francois Nell (Mining Engineer) each delivered a lecture on the 1st of March 2023.

VBKOM’s delivery was based on the SAMREC Code and the mining value chain from deposit discovery to operating mines. Mineral Resources and Mineral Resource declarations form the cornerstone of all resource development projects and mining operations. In the industry, geologists and mining engineers work closely together. For VBKOM it was important to impart this critical knowledge area to the current undergraduate Mining Engineering Students.

Imparting Knowledge

Francois Nell on Reporting CodesPhoto: Francois Nell, Mining Engineer at VBKOM, delivering the section on Reporting Codes as part of the underground mining module

Paul Obermeyer on Discovery, Exploration and Mineral Resource EstimationPhoto: Paul Obermeyer, Principal Geologist at VBKOM, delivering the section on discovery and exploration and Mineral Resource Estimation as part of the underground mining module

Francois Nell delivered the section on the SAMREC Code, and how the code is used for Competent Person’s Reporting and Resource and Reserve Reporting. This included cut-off grades, pay limits, and grade tonnage curves. Paul Obermeyer presented the role of the Geology discipline within the mining value chain from exploration through to Mineral Resource estimation and block modelling to servicing the Mining Engineering and Mine Planning teams on operating mines.  

The Mineral Resource Reporting Codes were developed to convey standardised technical and material information to investors and shareholders for the purposes of transparency and to provide a level of confidence to a company’s declared Mineral Resource statement which is presented within the Competent/Qualified Person’s Report.

Reporting Codes and their associated technical reports (or Competent Person’s Reports – CPR’s) are required as routine submissions to notable international stock exchanges. Compliance to the Reporting Requirements and review of all the technical inputs for each of the Codes should routinely be tested to ensure high-quality Mineral Resource declarations.

VBKOM's Experience

VBKOM is well-versed in the Reporting requirements and terminologies for all major Reporting Codes, including SAMREC (2016), JORC (2012), and NI 43-101.

Independent VBKOM Mineral Resource audits assess both data and processes that underpin a Mineral Resource estimate and can give the client, a potential investor, or shareholder peace of mind that declared Mineral Resources meet Reporting Code Requirements.

Adequate data quality and effective processes support unbiased Reporting in accordance with the minimum requirements as stipulated by the relevant reporting codes. Independent audits provide assurance on the accuracy and quality of annual reporting for the purposes of financial transactions and the assessment of Compliance to a specific Reporting Code.

VBKOM has the technical ability to support complex geological modelling methods utilising both implicit and traditional digital modelling methods. VBKOM is also highly experienced in generating high-quality blockmodels used for Code Compliant Mineral Resource declarations as well as for mine planning.

VBKOM has successfully completed more than 30 Competent and Qualified Person’s Reports in various commodities, including Bauxite, Chrome, Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Heavy Mineral Sands, Iron Ore, Manganese, Phosphate, and Vanadium.

VBKOM's Role in Shaping Young Talent

It is a great honour for VBKOM to be trusted by the University of Pretoria as an esteemed organisation to help shape the minds of the next generation of mining engineers in South Africa.

VBKOM recognises the need to grow and support talent in the mining industry as one of the greatest opportunities to grow our company and to play our part in ensuring the high standard of mining engineering in the industry is maintained.

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