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Delivering on another successful Mine Planning and Design Short Course with Enterprises UP

The Open-Pit Mine Planning and Design course presented by VBKOM and experts from the Department of Mining Engineering at the University of Pretoria through Enterprises UP has become an annual training event of note.

George Olivier, Executive at VBKOM, welcoming the 2022 class.Photo: George Olivier, Executive at VBKOM, welcoming the 2022 class.

The five-day course kicked off on the 28th of November 2022 at Anew Hotel in Hatfield and was facilitated by VBKOM’s George Olivier and associates. The course was successfully delivered to delegates from various mining houses in South Africa.

The unique short course in Open-Pit Mine Planning and Design enabled delegates to learn the basic theory of open-pit mine design and the application thereof, whilst having the chance to interact with experts in the field. The course covered topics not limited to geology, pit optimisation, pit design, scheduling, mining Capex and Opex, mine water risk in slope stability, monitoring and maintaining open pit slopes, and assessing the risks with open pit mining.

The course is inclusive of an introduction to underground mining. The inclusion thereof is to equip delegates with the basic knowledge required to understand and assess the fundamental principles for the selection of underground mining methods as opposed to open pit or open cast mining. The material presented as part of the introduction to underground mining includes but is not limited to:

  • Practical considerations for the selection of underground mining methods;
  • Transition from open pit mining to underground mining;
  • Orebody analysis and design considerations including geotechnical constraints;
  • Underground mining methods: soft rock and hard rock;
  • Mining equipment selection; and
  • Economic impacts of underground mining methods.

Emphasis was placed on a holistic approach to Open pit mining, and considering the social-, environmental- and economic impacts mining has on communities and Africa as a whole; whilst ensuring that mining operations are aligned to the strategic and tactical business objectives.

The course facilitators were:

  • George Olivier: BEng (Mining), PrEng, MMCC, MBA
  • Paul Obermeyer: BSc Hons (Geology), MSc (Geology)
  • Francois Nell: BEng Hons (Mining)
  • Gerard Kleyn: BEng (Mining)
  • Armand van Wyngaardt: BEng (Mining), MMCC

Associate course facilitators were:

  • Wolter de Graaf: BEng (Mining), PrEng, MMCC
  • Henk Fourie: BEng (Mining), MMCC

Paul Obermeyer delivering the Geology and Metallurgy modulesPhoto: Paul Obermeyer, Principal Geologist at VBKOM, delivering the Geology and Metallurgy modules respectively.

George Olivier delivering the Resource Oprimisation modulePhoto: George Olivier delivering the Resource Optimisation module

Francois Nell covering Mine DesignPhoto: Francois Nell, Mining Engineering Consultant at VBKOM, covering Mine Design

Gerard Kleyn presenting an introduction to underground miningPhoto: Gerard Kleyn, Senior Mining Engineer at VBKOM, presenting an introduction to underground mining

Armand van Wyngaardt addressing Production SchedulingPhoto: Armand van Wyngaardt, Senior Mining Engineer at VBKOM, addressing Production Scheduling

VBKOM looks forward to continuing the Open-Pit Mine Planning and Design short course in corporation with Enterprises UP in an effort to contribute to the overall growth of the south African mining industry and the global market.


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