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Project Risk Management Consultants South Africa

What is risk management?

Download a free COVID19 risk assessment here.

Risk management is an iterative and forward looking process that identifies, assesses, and prioritises risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimise, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events, or to maximise the realisation of opportunities.

Additionally, the objective is to assure uncertainty does not deviate from business goals.

What is risk?

Risk is defined as the effect of uncertainty on objectives (ISO31000:2009)

The importance of risk management

Proper risk management from early on in a project can increase the chances of project success. By planning for unexpected events, project teams are better equipped to respond to them if they arise.  

VBKOM solutions

VBKOM is proud to offer a fully comprehensive and integrated service to our clients. 

We subscribe to the ISO 31000 principles and guidelines, and follow a structured and repeatable process.

Our tailored approach is designed to fit the solution to the exact need and risk appetite of the client, organisation or a specific project, ranging from organisations with well-established and mature risk management processes and structures, to client organisations with no risk management structures.

Our offerings include:

  • Strategic assessment and risk policy alignment;
  • Risk management process and planning;
  • Qualitative risk identification and evaluation;
  • Quantitative risk simulation and sensitivity analysis;
  • Technical risk assessment;
  • Risk structuring and reporting;
  • Risk database implementation (operation monitoring & integration).


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Our People

Eduan Pieterse Risk Specialist South Africa

Eduan Pieterse

Risk Specialist


Margariet Lumgair Risk Specialist South Africa

Margariet Lumgair

Risk Specialist


Strauss Oosthuizen Risk Specialist South Africa

Strauss Oosthuizen

Risk Specialist


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